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Rental Application
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Application Requirements

Thinking about applying with us, but have questions on our application process? Here are our rental application requirements. 

The application fee is $55 per adult and will cover these four areas. All adults MUST complete the application. 

-Income and Employment: Applicant must provide proof of income being three times the monthly rent amount per month. For example; if rent is $700, then the applicant must make $2100/month.

-Credit Check: We do not verify credit via a score. We are looking into past due accounts, how many are delinquent, have payments been made on time, are accounts in collections/judgments, etc.

-Criminal Background: This is case dependent and date of occurrence: misdemeanors, felonies, violent charges, drug charges, etc. (Criminal background must not have any felonies or evictions within the last 7 years)

-Rental References: Must be a management company, realtor, or direct landlord.

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